Introducing a warm friend : YUYU

Introducing a warm friend : YUYU

Dear all,

We all have moments when we long for some extra warmth. Especially during these days of social distancing...and no hugs. 

We are delighted that YUYU has selected Pimlico's lovely, washed linens to make covers for their hot water bottles. YUYU is a UK based company, and the world leader in long hot water bottles.

Not familiar with YUYU bottles? They are biodegradable rubber bottles (81cm long) that can be tied around your body and worn hands-free. 

We at Pimlico LOVE them! When you are working long hours behind the computer, a YUYU bottle helps relieve neck and back pains. We can really recommend them!

Check out their website  and find out what a YUYU bottle can do for you!

Want bed linen to match your YUYU bottle? Check out our Mira bed collection. 

These 100% washed linen duvet covers will guarantee you the perfect night’s sleep. Linen bed covers are great to regulate heat and cold, are breathable and have anti-allergenic properties. Only the best for you.

Sending you lots of love,






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